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Our Divisions

  1. Colt Divisions
    • TEE-BALL DIVISION – Coed; league age four (4). Players are introduced to participating in a team sport setting and are instructed in the fundamentals of the game. Tees, safety balls, hand-eye-coordination equipment is used for instruction.

    • SINGLE-A DIVISION – Coed; league age five (5). The same as the TEE-BALL DIVISION, however, in games, players make two (2) attempts to hit a coach-pitched baseball. If players are unsuccessful and incur two (2) strikes, then a Tee is incorporated for the third attempt, to reinforce hitting with two (2) strikes.

    • DOUBLE-A DIVISION – Coed;  league age six (6) and seven (7). Machine-pitch; a progression from the SINGLE-A DIVISION. In game play, a Tee may be used for a player that reaches two (2) strikes, up to the 3rd week of the season. The Tee is removed from game play beginning the 4th week of the season.

  2. Minor League Divisions
    • GIRLS SOFTBALL 10U DIVISION – Girls only;  league age eight (8), nine (9) and ten (10). Player-pitch; the differences and similarities between baseball and softball are introduced. The fundamentals of underhand pitch are taught.

    • TRIPLE-A DIVISION – Coed;   league age eight (8), nine (9) and ten (10). Player-pitch; a progression from the DOUBLE-A DIVISION. Players do flat-ground work every practice. Pitching, defense, hitting, and baserunning are taught–in that order.

  3. Little League Divisions
    • GIRLS SOFTBALL 12U DIVISION – Girls only;   league age eleven (11) and twelve (12). Progression from the GIRLS SOFTBALL 10U DIVISION; girls learn advanced softball concepts.

    • MAJORS DIVISION – Coed;   league age eleven (11) and twelve (12). Progression from the TRIPLE-A DIVISION; players learn advanced baseball concepts. Players do flat-ground work every practice.

  4. Junior League Division
    • Juniors (co-ed, ages 13-14);  Transition to the 90’ diamond. Focus is on pitching (hitting spots, pick-offs, PFPs, flat-ground work, bullpens), catcher skills, turning DPs, baserunning, hitting gap-to-gap and behind the runner.