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The Banneker City Umpires Association (BCUA) is the game-officiating-arm of Banneker City Little League, and is comprised of two programs:
  1. The Adult Volunteer Umpire Program (ages 18+)
  2. The Junior Volunteer Umpire Program (ages 12-18) *
    * Junior Umpires reserve the right to be supported at their games by umpires from The Adult Volunteer Umpire Program.

Join The BCUA And Give Back To Your Community:
The Banneker City Umpires Association was born to address the nationwide trend of "high-demand and low-supply" of little league Umpires currently plaguing youth baseball. You can use your free, spare time to best this trend.

To ensure that the BCUA flourishes and is successful in countering this nationwide imbalance, our coaches promise to always demonstrate respectful behavior—for the kids AND parents—towards our umpires in all instances.

Coaches, by rule, you are responsible for your parents' and fans' behavior at games and practices. Coaches CANNOT and SHOULD NOT "show-up" umpires at games. "Showing-up the Umpire," is typically public, verbal protests/beratings and/or public, physical demonstrations of disapproval by the coaches in front of the kids and/or parents. REMEMBER:  If you, the head coach, have any questions about an umpire's call (RULES INTERPRETATION ONLY! Not judgment calls.) during a game, always call "timeout," and when granted "timeout" by the umpire, privately discuss your question, challenge or concern with the umpire. Banneker City Little League has a zero-tolerance policy for the harassment of our volunteer umpires.

You do not need any prior umpire experience to join the BCUA. We will provide you with training, apparel, and equipment.

Join the BCUA in five (5) easy steps:

1. Apply For Membership In The BCUA At: 
2. Complete The Little League Rules Deck Webinars:
I.   Little League Rule 2.00: Definition of Terms
II.   Little League Rule 9.00: The Umpire
III.   Little League Rule 1.00:  Objectives of The Game & Rule 5.00:  Putting the Ball in Play - Live
IV.   Little League Rule 3.00:  Game Preliminaries & Rule 4.00:  Starting and Ending the Game
V.   Little League Rule 8.00: The Pitcher
VI.   Little League Rule 6.00: The Batter
VII.   Little League Rule 7.00: The Runner
3. Learn Basic Umpire Mechanics:
4. Take The BCUA Quiz:
5. Sign-Up To Umpire Games:
BCUA membership has its privileges:
  • FREE:  training (required annually), umpire apparel & equipment.
  • Jr. Umpires can earn community service hours towards their high school graduation and collegiate scholarship applications.
  • Jr. Umpires are automatically entered in the Sameer Glazerman Scholarship after acruing seven (7) games of officiating contests, as well as the Jr. Umpire Of The Year Award.
  • Volunteer Umpires are automatically covered by Little League Insurance.
Advantages of Volunteer Umpires:
  • Opportunity to give back to your community and league.
  • Opportunity to join a team of like-minded individuals and cultivate friendships that last a life time.
  • The umpires know our players and take an interest in their success and development.

The BCUA leans on its families, friends, fans, and supporters to help identify & recruit volunteers to join the BCUA.

Recruiting Volunteer Umpires:
Parents, by tapping your extensive network, you can ensure that your child always has a quality umpire at his/her game.
  • Ask local businesses that you frequent if any of their personnel would be willing to volunteer to umpire, especially if they are a league sponsor.
  • If you are affiliated with a PTA, you can publicize Banneker City Umpires Association’s community service hours exchange program with the parents and teachers.
  • Ask retired family members if they would like to volunteer to umpire.
  • Solicit military personnel, police departments, fire departments, etc.. They are already in the routine of service.
  • Recruit at school events.
  • Contact your local ANC or Councilmember for follow-ups on constituents looking to volunteer.
  • Advertise with local service clubs and fraternal organizations that you are a member of or affiliated with.
  • Lastly, parents, consider joining the Banneker City Umpires Association.
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