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Better Informed Coaches = Better Instructors = Better Coached Players = Better All-Around Experience!

Tee-Ball Coaches with their team!
Managers and coaches are among the most important volunteers in Banneker City's program. They have to know the game and they have to love working with kids. It is required that the manager and coach have understanding, patience and the capacity to work with children. The manager and coach should be able to inspire respect. Above all else, managers and coaches must realize that they are helping to shape the physical, mental and emotional development of young people. Knowledgeable, caring and concerned coaches have an advantage when it comes to making the games & practices fun and retaining players.

That’s why Banneker City offers The Coaches Toolkit. The toolkit gives coaches exclusive tools and resources to prepare them for the job of teaching baseball and life skills to our youth. The Coaches Toolkit includes:

Coaches Clinic - Saturday, February 17, 2024 @ 10:00am
Just like the players have to practice to get better, so do the coaches. See you there.